Insurance Company Requesting a Four-Point Inspection?

Insurance Company Requesting a Four-Point Inspection?

Call the professionals at Aspire Inspection Services in Cape Coral, Florida

When purchasing or renewing your homeowners' insurance, you may be required to undergo a four-point inspection. These inspections help the insurance company get a full picture of your home's main components.

At Aspire Inspection Services, we provide professional four-point insurance inspection services to homeowners in the Cape Coral, Florida region. Our full home inspection will help ensure that your home is insured and that you're not overpaying for coverage. To schedule a four-point inspection, get in touch with us now.

Our team inspects your entire home from top to bottom

A four-point insurance inspection looks at four key aspects of your home's structure: electrical, plumbing, roofing and HVAC. Some of the issues that Aspire Inspection Services looks for during an inspection include:

  • DIY or aluminum wiring
  • Faulty electrical boxes
  • Old water heaters
  • Copper or poly piping
  • Roof leaks
  • Lack of HVAC maintenance
  • Presence of mold spores
Not only will a four-point inspection help you manage your homeowners' insurance-it'll also give you a peek into your home's structure and the potential issues lurking within. To schedule a home inspection in Cape Coral, FL, call Aspire Inspection Services today.