Aspire Inspection Services Residential Home Inspection is a comprehensive and non-invasive inspection of all safely accessible systems and components of the home. We will check the condition of all systems and find problems or potential problems that buyers need to know about before purchase. Our inspection adheres to the Standards of Practice (SOP) as stated by The International Association of Home Inspectors (InterNachi). During our inspection services, we inspect accessible areas including:
Exterior systems
Roofing, flashing, penetrations, and chimneys
Structural systems
Plumbing systems
Electrical systems
Interior components
Heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) systems
Fireplaces and solid fuel-burning appliances
Insulation and ventilation of attics, crawlspaces, and unfinished basements


Wind Mitigation Inspections $100
Everyone knows how destructive hurricanes, tropical storms, and other strong windstorms can be. But did you know how much money you can save at the same time that you protect your home and your family? If you perform certain procedures to protect your home, insurance companies will reduce your homeowner’s insurance policy premium. Aspire lnspection Services will perform a Wind Mitigation Inspection consisting of your windows
, doors, and roof and will also check
 to see if the building complies with Florida Building Codes. If your home passes certain inspection items that reduce your risk to wind and storm damage, then your insurance premium will be reduced.
4 Point Inspections $125
Often times, insurance companies will ask for a 4-Point Inspection before you can get homeowner’s insurance for an older home. (Usually 25-30 years or older) Insurance
 companies may have different standards regarding the age that a home must be in order
 for them to require that this inspection be performed, but it’s safe to assume that if your home is 30 years old or more, you will need a 4-Point Inspection, which is one of our specialties. Only four components are included in this inspection: the roof, the electrical system, the plumbing system, and the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems.
Commercial Building Inspections
Aspire Inspection Services provides leased property condition inspections, commercial property inspections, and commercial building inspections. Our inspections are thorough and comprehensive ensuring that all areas of the property are fully inspected to the highest industry standards. Whether you are about to purchase a new property or you are maintaining your building according to code, we can seamlessly meet all of your commercial property inspection needs.
Our commercial wind mitigation services can help you save thousands and tens of thousands on insurance premiums. We serve Lee, Charlotte, Collier, and nearby counties. Our commercial building inspection services are available for the State of Florida.
Roof Certification Inspections $85
Older homes may also need a Roof Certification Inspection
, because insurance companies do not know if your roof has been updated or the over all condition of the roof. We will inspect the condition of your roof so that your insurance company will be able to determine your insurability. They often require 3-5 years of life expectancy.
Pre-Listing Inspection
This inspection should take place before you put your home up for sale. We’ll carefully inspect the readily accessible areas of the property to determine whether or not there are existing defects you need to know about. If you choose to make repairs, this will give you a chance to do so before a prospective buyer’s own inspection so that the home’s value is protected.

11 Month Warranty Inspection
Most builders offer a one year warranty on new homes. This is a tremendous asset for new homeowners as it allows you to have possible deficiencies corrected while the home is still under warranty—potentially saving you big-time money! This inspection is a thorough examination of the home that seeks to reveal defects that have occurred since your move-in or that were overlooked when the real estate transaction initially took place.