Do You Qualify for Homeowners' Insurance Discounts?

Do You Qualify for Homeowners' Insurance Discounts?

Hire Aspire Inspection Services for a wind mitigation inspection in Cape Coral, FL

As a Florida resident, you're entitled to certain insurance discounts for installing wind mitigation features on your home. If your roof follows these guidelines, you could be eligible for up to 50% off your homeowners' insurance and reduced windstorm premiums.

To qualify for these discounts, your home must undergo a professional inspection. Aspire Inspection Services specializes in insurance inspections, including wind mitigation inspection services. If you'd like to schedule a wind mitigation inspection in Cape Coral, Florida, give our team a call now.

What does a wind mitigation inspection look like?

When you hire Aspire Inspection Services for your wind mitigation inspection, you're hiring the experts. We will carefully inspect your home to ensure it meets the State of Florida's requirements for wind mitigation. Our inspections include:

  • Making sure that the roof is installed to Miami-Dade code
  • Ensuring the presence of shutters or impact windows
  • Checking nail spacing along your home's roof attachment points
  • Looking for hurricane straps or metal straps on roof-to-wall attachments
If you're interested in receiving wind mitigation discounts in Cape Coral, Florida, call Aspire Inspection Services today. Our wind mitigation inspection services will determine if you qualify for these insurance savings.